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Here's another one - pressing the "back" button on the diary screen unceremoniously dumps you to the title screen. Did this twice now: (

Also, the game's video refresh froze when I left it sitting with a dialogue open for about half an hour (it was the "Why is the portrait upside down?" one on the third day.) I could still hear the audio of the text output playing, and I could hear myself advancing dialogue, but the screen stayed frozen.

I seem to be experiencing all sorts of bugs, and so far haven't been able to progress past day 4 despite trying about 5-6 times.

Happened to me too. I dunno if the diary is a save point but all progress is lost when this happens.

There are no save points, actually. It happened to me too. People also talked about this before.

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I looked on a wiki for this game and I found a picture just go upside down on day 3 only. (I never payed attention when actually playing it though)  Look really closely and the small picture is different.