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found this game on steam and decided to check it out got a couple problems.

1. ran in to a glitch where hitting the "fire" button causes the menu to pop up every time

2. Personally feel like right click should activate your ability and left click throws the sword/brings it back

3. for the spider i feel like i should be able to aim the sword with my mouse

4. hitboxes feel a bit off especially the bird the wings should count as a hitbox

Aside from that looks interesting enough though i do have a couple questions.

1. i saw bosses in the trailer and was wondering if there was going to be platforming sections like super meat boy?

2. is this a metroidvainia or is it more of a side scroller with a level based system

3. will this game have costomizable keyboard and mouse controls. (Know some games dont and it pisses me off)

Thanks in advance