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Hi, I just checked the discord link and it appears to work. Do you have an account? That being said I still need to get around to cleaning up the text editor. It's very basic right now and the best solution is to use Atom or another external editor. In the manual it shows how to configure the Atom plugin so you can get code hinting. A full code editor for PV8 will be in later this year.

As for Make, Draw and Tune I hope to correct that in the next release. It was a bit confusing and I am going to make these actual software packages you install into PV8 so you can configure it how you want. That means there will just be a single version of PV8 to simplify the confusion around each of the different builds right now.

Finally, I'm working on more documentation and tutorials. Hope to keep rolling them out each month with new releases but I've been doing a lot of work on cleaning up the new runner and make the OS easier to install so you'll have to hang on a little longer while I work through all of these changes.

Ok, I will look into setting up Atom then!  Thanks for that suggestion!

I also tried the discord link again and it worked!  This time I used it while the discord application was running.  So it appears the link just requires someone to have already logged into discord elsewhere instead of asking them to log in/create one.  I'll just leave this info here, in case someone else runs into that error with the link, as the discord error itself is not that informative.

Thanks for clarifying about the different versions/installs.  I look forward to that next version then!  Sounds great, keep on going!