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Oh, one last quick note here, the applications do not appear to actually quit properly.  For the windowed mode this is inconvenient but acceptable(if a bit odd).  But I had the editor set to full screen at the time, and got stuck.  If a user doesn't know the ALT-F4 trick for murdering the current application, they could get stuck forever after selecting to exit the program.

As for quitting on Windows in fullscreen, I'm not aware of any other but to use ALT F4? On the Mac you can use Command Q to quit. Are you looking for it to auto quit after you shutdown?

Yes, I at first was thinking it would auto quit itself after a while of "preparing to shut down", and was worried it might have gotten "stuck" the first time I saw that. 

I know it's safe to close it with alt F4.  But if there isn't any pressing developer reason to keep it running after selecting to shutdown the OS/System, it would be more user friendly to close the application automatically.  Similar to typing "SHUTDOWN" in some other virtual consoles.