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This was fun! But unsure what the end was about.

Edit: Turns out it's related to Starmen.net ARG, so I guess it's not relevant anymore?

Actually, nobody has dug up the treasure yet! Feel free to spread the word around if you'd like, maybe you can find somebody who lives near the area who could pull it off. While technically the ARG is over, if somebody manages to dig it up the ending will be directly affected and something new just may pop up. Just because a conclusion was reached doesn't mean things are completely taken care of, after all.

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Well, I was just told that it's related to this https://forum.starmen.net/forum/RadDog/undertale/A...

and that the thing was over, according to last page. But I am not really even sure if I get what it's about. Quite a lot to read there and so on.

(Did get the best ending which brought me here to ask about this all.)

So basically if I could have a short summary or so, would be nice.