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It's slow-going, due to unfortunate distractions like "day jobs" and "errands", but it is coming along. All of Chapter I has been imported into the new engine, and there's been a lot of new material added. We're trying to polish up Chapter I before transitioning headlong into Chapter II (which has the brunt of its content mapped out, and some of it already ready to import). We're entertaining getting a new demo out once that's done - but at the same time, the quality differential between the demo and the full game is pretty stark, so we might want to preserve some of the surprise factor and just focus on a full release later this year.

In any case, I'm using what's left of my youth (which isn't much, to be fair) to burn midnight oil and get these games done, so we hope to show you something more soon! Just keep the hunger alive! Y'know, like Ashley!

I'm glad it's coming together nicely. I can't wait and see how Ashley is going to react when Ada shows up ;D

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Perhaps the more interesting topic is how much opportunity does Ashley actually have to see Ada? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

I'm sure that you have some awesome twist in mind ;D

We lay claim to nothing. Expect as little as possible, so as to maximize your satisfaction, ha.

I do support the idea of not worrying about a demo and keeping to a full release instead. :D   I'm fine with however long it takes.  Just good to hear it's still there :)

Assuming that we're not kidnapped by a cult and need to be rescued by a hot secret service agent, it's gonna happen. Eventually, ha.