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I just finished playing this game, and wow it was such an absolute journey <3 I really like how the entire gameplay is so therapeutic. The script tackles issues like understanding and forgiveness without being preachy at all, you just infer it from the good-natured interactions between the hero and the monsters he meets. The pacing of the story parts and the clicker farming parts was also great, like sometimes I just enjoyed hanging out in the garden listening to the music and slowly accumulating berries before heading on with the rest of the story. (the only thing I'd suggest is to make it more obvious where to find the tab that gets Sooty to move between bushes!) I'm also really glad there were so many routes to go on, the game felt really fleshed out and I immersed myself in the story (and all the beautiful cut scenes!! Especially Era's I d i e d I love her so much)

 This has gotten a bit long, but the TLDR; is I felt so healed from the warm, unconventional story. :) Thank you for making it! 

thanks for this comment! i agree the sooty tab is a bit hard to find so i'll try to change that in an update.