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First off, this game has to be the cutest I've seen made by you, ever since I've started playing your games. The soundtrack in this game, (like most in your games with a soundtrack) is very captivating and goes very well with the overall tone of each scene, and environment in the game. The characters all seem really realistic much like the characters in your other titles, which is to be expected due to the overall quality of your games thus far. I loved the story of this game, and honestly look forward to more games based in this "universe" or whatever you wanna call it. The artstyle is really cute, as well as the general interactions between characters as well as the expectation is in most of your titles

Also, I understand that I gush about your games, and I don't want you feel like you're supposed to live up to a certain standard( if thta's what my reviews end up making you feel like, but if not I guess I'm just talking out of my ass), and I'd love your games no matter what. I always give fair ratings in my eyes, and your games really do total up to 5-Stars. So please, if you are, don't be stressed over it 

Well, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

This game has no reason not to earn a 5-star from me


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P.S. The short lil romance story in this game be hella cute