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Once you open up the game for the first time you are hit with a really nice opening menu with a very cute deign (which I personally love), as well as some nice music to go along with it, which is always appreciated, becasue it doesnt seem that nice or calming music is used all that much in VNs(if it is, it's mostly the same music you hear in every other VN which I believe takes away from some of the experience and makes the game feel more rushed rather than cared for and quality).  The art style is cute, which is always a plus in my book and as with all of Nadia's games, the characters seem like people you could just meet up with on the street or some shit which is always nice, because many VNs that are more down-to-earth like this one lose the audience with their unrealistic and generic characters(also bonus points),

A very nice VN, that is worth 5 stars in my eyes, so keep on doin what you're doin Nadia <3