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Hey!! I was wondering how you made the voices for the characters, I've looked around and just can't find anything about it  ;-; Btw, I love the game! I hope to see more like this in the future c:

Hi hi! Glad you like the game-- and I will def be making more like it in the future, don't worry about that! ;D

As for the voices-- okay! So, there's a system in Ren'py that allows you to put in characters "voices" (I call them chat sounds or text sounds) that's standard with Ren'py, doesn't take too much code-- I won't put it here since it's kind of annoying to have a bunch of code in the comment but if you want me to e-mail it to you or something I totally can.

Anyways, I use that code with a very simple method-- I find a "beep" or "blip" or whatever that I like, usually from a little beep machine (this one is fun: ) or from -- I take it into Audacity and I make sure it's the length I want (usually you want something that's about a second or less? depending on how "fast" you want the characters to talk) and adjust the volume and little bit and viola! 

Using the code I have it's just as simple as making a little beep .ogg or .mp3 and Ren'py does the rest for me. I've been doing it basically the same way since I started making VN's and it's always so fun to hear a new character make new beeps for the first time <3 <3 <3

I hope that helps! Don't be shy in asking me any questions and like I said-- I can e-mail you the code I use if you like!

Ah! Thank you so much! I'm in the process of developing my own VN so this helps me so much! (This is gonna be my first one so I'm very unexperienced^^;)  I understand about posting the code, I'll try working it out myself first just to see if I can figure it out since I learn better like that, but, thanks for offering to send it over c:

I'll be sure to come ask you some more questions if I get stuck! I hope you're having a good day/ had a good day!

Good luck! I hate having to come up with code myself (and in general coding is not my strong point when it comes to game dev) SO GOOD LUCK!!! Thankfully Ren'py has a very strong community and a ton of resources!

But please do remember I'm just a comment away if you ever want it!