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A very short and enjoyable experience. I really liked the use of the GameBoy filter(along with the witty humor with the gameboy at the market). Even in this small area and time, Nadia has once again built a small universe where, even if its only on a small scale, you can somewhat connect with the characters as if they were real people, just by their reactions to certain items, or dialouge choices. This game had a very cute air about it which is very much appreciated, especially when it is combined w/the old retro GB style. Could have used some sound though if I had to say one major downpoint.

This was a very cute an enjoyable game, but a running issue with Nadia's games seems to be that the music, and other audio pieces are either absent, or just don't seem to work. The silence sort of killed the mood for me, so I'm goin to regrettably give this a 4 star, unless I learn either why there was no sound included, or if I can find out if my games files just got messed up .