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Hello. I started playing your game today, for a Twitch stream. I really enjoyed it so far (and loved the music in the hospital section). However, when I'm in Mya's apartment and she  goes to answer her phone when Randall calls her from the hospital, the game keeps crashing. At first, I thought it was just an intentional crash, so I restarted the game. It started me back in the operation room, where the monster begins chasing Randall. When I got to the part where Mya answers her phone, it crashed again. 

ah I'm sorry to hear that! Are you using winebottler and a mac? Or a windows?

I've only had crashes with mac so far, but I did just update the game due to some personal issues and I could have missed an error.

Im out of state right now sadly and unable to update til the 16th OTL

Please try to download at gamejolt ! That's an earlier version of the game and should run better!

I'm using Windows 10.   

I realized my last reply probably seems short and kind of rude maybe? I was just in a hurry and in no way was I upset or frustrated (quite the opposite; I appreciated your response). I just noticed the last update from 4 days ago. Sorry to hear about the problems you're dealing with. I know you said I could download the game on gamejolt, but I'd rather just wait patiently until you're able to update the game again. (Take your time).