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Sir Creamith must have died. I do need to make his death more obvious because if I'm not wrong he doesn't actually have a death animation. The phantom paper bag enemy was always there, they just have a super low spawn rate, for obvious reasons. And as for everything else, I'm genuinely surprised you found every little new thing in that update 0_0  I have more in the works, but I'm not gonna put everything in the demo version just cause, I want to still leave a lot of new stuff for the full game when I release it.

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How did you replied 22 minutes ago? Where do you live?

And also YES SIR GONNA PLAY MORE TO FIND MORE! (but not right now)

 [EDIT] OH! I misread! I thougth you meant i found verry litle stuff (yes i am a normal human being with no brain dissorders).

i kinda feel cringy about this comment

I don't think it's cringy, Sounds to me like you see potential in the game :D