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Uhh... I have no idea how to start so i will tell you about a strange and a little bit creepy bug that i have encountered. So i was just playing like normal and encountered Sir Creamith (thats his name. Right?) i was like o hello! Let me escourt you to your piano. So i started (little bit of mob killling etc..) then i in the room below me ant theres an enemy. I kill him. Then when i look back up theres no Sir Creamith that was walking behind me. He disapeared. I searched the whole level (even the boss room) but he was nowhere to be found. I have 2 explanations to this

1. When i looked down for like 3 seconds he somehow bugged out through the walls.

2. My slime trail killed him but he had no corpse.

Now i tell you the new stuff that i have seen.

1. Phantom bag of chips (the thing that summons ghosts of himself).

2. Rainbow Eggo (i still remember his name).

3. New shrine icons.

4. New behaviour of the green meat balls (they jump out of their skin and chase you)

5. Some sprites have changed

6. Now the stomach enemy (that previously shot homing bullets that you need to destroy) shoots some green stuff along with a bunch of red crosses (maybe make the green stuff a bit slower)

7. (unsure)  A new attack of the Royal Jello (he shakes in one place and spams bullets in random directions).

And the last thing is that ice cream knights dont have armor when they die. That all ive got for now.

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Sir Creamith must have died. I do need to make his death more obvious because if I'm not wrong he doesn't actually have a death animation. The phantom paper bag enemy was always there, they just have a super low spawn rate, for obvious reasons. And as for everything else, I'm genuinely surprised you found every little new thing in that update 0_0  I have more in the works, but I'm not gonna put everything in the demo version just cause, I want to still leave a lot of new stuff for the full game when I release it.

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How did you replied 22 minutes ago? Where do you live?

And also YES SIR GONNA PLAY MORE TO FIND MORE! (but not right now)

 [EDIT] OH! I misread! I thougth you meant i found verry litle stuff (yes i am a normal human being with no brain dissorders).

i kinda feel cringy about this comment

I don't think it's cringy, Sounds to me like you see potential in the game :D