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During this past weekend we were at Lisboa Games Week here in Portugal where we had the opportunity to showcase Colossorama to the general public for a handful of hours. It was really cool and nice to see Colossorama getting some newfound fans right in front of our eyes! Since it was a major event, we decided to update and fix some last-longing issues that the game has had since the last patch.

But before we get to the patch notes, we want to give a massive thank you and shout-out to RobinhoodPT (Twitter over at @RobinhoodYT). Robin helped us by composing unique and original music pieces for Colossorama, which helped give the game a more unique touch we we're long aiming for. He's still in the beginning of his audio composing journey, but his tracks fit perfectly with the mood of the game!

To the rhythm of the new music, here's the change log for Version 1.1B3! (Released 20 Nov)

  • Added RobinhoodPT's brand new original sound tracks. One unique piece for the menu, and another unique piece for the actual gameplay.
  • Added RobinhoodPT to the Credits and Links, as well as a cameo gladiator.
  • Added new screen feedback when the player is hit.
  • Added new "Show Highscore during Gameplay" option. This allows the player to compare their current number of heads slain to their standing highscore right during gameplay. This was made as a toggable option since some players might not want to see their highscore at all times.
  • Added new enemy movement constraints. Enemies can no longer be pushed outside the arena by weapons' knockback. Instead they will hit an invisible wall.
  • Added several back-end code for future versions of the game and analytics. This will allow us to better measure the interest in the game.
  • Updated various minor UI elements to reflect new changes and accommodate new content.
  • The player will now start with a Pike as the secondary weapon. This indirectly explains the player they can pick two weapons in the upgrades screen.
  • Fixed enemy gladiators still playing the walking animation after a Game Over.
  • Fixed Game Over Retry button not highlighting while using the controller, despite being selected.
  • Fixed the size of the Nord Drink's explosion sprite to be the same size as the Horus' Grenade explosion.
  • Fixed the player sometimes jumping all the way up to the sky.
  • Fixed spelling typo on Horus' Grenade. Moski cried of joy when he finally saw this fixed.
  • Removed Mipmaps on various sprites that caused them to become non-pixel-perfect.

Play it!

We were pretty happy to see a reemerge of interest in Colossorama especially since we have been busy with several new projects and university assignments that have made us unable to focus as much on the project as we wanted to. We're currently trying to measure the community's interest to see if further development is worth it, so keep in touch!