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I got bug when i saved inside of shop before buy item . Then when i loaded i can't go out of shop . Iam stuck in abyss store and can't use horn of detrius to get out because no home in this realm .

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Ahn, This bug again? I thought I had finally fixed it.
It's one of those things that happens if the overlay maps script for some reason breaks. (No errors found in the log so it's hard to pin down)
I will try and make another workaround for it.

The bug tends to fix itself if you close the game, load a save in which it's not broken and then load your latest one one again...
But I don't know the reason behind it.

I will try and make sure the issue can't happen again. But I am no coder so, wish me luck.

Edit: It should be fixed, in a way that allows you to get out in your current save too.
This bug makes me just want to tear the game down and rebuild it from scratch~

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Sorry but i not work . It isn't the bug don't trigger exit but it freeze my game too . I can send you a save file if you want . I got this bug don't let me go out of shop in savia before but it not freeze my game . 

Edit:  Btw im play again with other save but it before the cultis cave . I love you game .

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This is quite the strange bug indeed. Did you download the updated version I uploaded around 9 hours ago? I should have altered the map file in a way that would prevent the issue!

Unfortunately it seems this site doesn't have direct messaging. But if the problem persists even patched you can either drop a link with the
save file here or message me on twitter at @AmayaKayako so I can take a look at it!

I'm sorry that the game still has bugs, It's gotten a bit
overly complex for me.
But I'm glad you still enjoy it despite them~