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So here's a question for you guys; My goal is to definitely get to play all of the FA storyline as much as possible. Naturally, sine we only have Chapter 1 here, that's not possible. I know that Chapter 2 is in the works but I am wondering what is the tire I'd need to be to get access to it. It's a bit difficult for me to understand which one is which really, all the tires seem to kind of blend together on descriptions.

I'm also thinking that maybe I just want to preorder the game like some links have taken me to check out but if that's the case, will I get each chapter that comes out or will I need to wait till the games are combined into one full game?


Hello Raxynus! The $10 Knight tier gives you access to Chapter Two development on PatreonPreorders are for the final game that combines Chapters 1-3, so while preordering is the best deal, it does require patience. Thanks for being interested in Faulty Apprentice! If you have any more questions let me know (= -din