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I really enjoy that game, but I don't have money to help the developer. Is there any option to help author without using money (cause I don't have any job, yet.)? Also, it reminds me starbound mod called sexbound, that mod  is less awesome, but seems similar, maybe that will help a bit.

Hope to see more of your works, at least demos of them!

Sorry for my English, I know it is bad.

Also, can you please turn off auto jumping when A button pressed, cause when you push A for longer time your jump height will be increased, so I have to push A button for the whole time in air.

I'm glad you like my game! I'm not sure what you mean by auto-jumping

It's weird, it only happens in Newgrounds game version. She will jump so far I hold the [A] button, until I move or stop holding [A].

Oh then that's a bug! Thanks for reporting!