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So... why doesnt anyone eccept me and the creator comment?

Okay lets actually start. The item messages are nice, maybe you can add the same messages to the shrines? Like that box with the icon of the shrine and it loosely tells you what does this shrine do (very loosely). The enemy collision can be a bit funky sometimes but it does what it needs to do. Also the spawn point are much more noticable for me.

And now i will just throw out some ideas

1.Chocolate ice cream. It behaves the same as the normal ice cream but shoots a spread of 5 bullets instead of 1 bullet.

2.Twist ice cream. Same as the normal ice cream but shoots a boomerang bullet.

3.Molten ice cream. Behave the same as the normal jello but doesnt split, haves more health, and slower.

4.Cool ice cream. Normal ice cream but wears sunglasses

5.Chest mimic. Sometimes replaces the key chest and attacks when the player is close.

Also you can say me if im annoing.

Somebody with interest in my game? You could never get annoying :) I've got some ideas for enemies on the first floor two, but I think I'll hold off on them until I get more work done on the other floors, and if you do manage to beat the boss you can notice the egg enemies on the second floor have cool glasses on 😎. I will be working to get messages up for shrines too. That twist cream idea you had is actually an idea I used ages ago when I made enemies for the third floor, banana boomerang. I'll definitely be using it when I start new work on the third floor. I think when summer comes I'll be working very hard to get this game full and completed before summer ends :D

Might even set a release date at a date near the end of summer just to push me to get it done.

Believe me, some people are annoying no matter what.

Also yes i have beat the royal jello multiple times. Also yeah i forgot about the banana on the thirnd floor (probably because it was years ago and im also a bit unoriginal).

And you might need to check the description and screenshots of your game to ensure they are up to date. And dont make the release date too tight because sleeping and eating is important (no really, never sacrifice your sleep because its harder to work on something when you want to get under the blanket and never wake up).

don't worry I'll release it when it's ready :) although I do wanna just get it finished and out