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That's some good bug catching Mukjz.   Thanks for spotting them and letting me know   =3

The part with the repeatable dialogue in the bar is not a bug, and works as intended so players can reread the information as much as they need to.   This same event happens whenever questions can be asked, and appears multiple times throughout the rest of the game.

Thanks again   =3

ooooh got it. That explains why too haha.

Glad to help :D

The story is so crazy hahaha like,just in the beginning out of nowhere you can have a sexual adventure with your friend 😏 but I'm enjoying it.

Just I'm did contract a artist to do the BG and characters? A bunch of them looks devious 🤔  like,that one bull(?) in the BG of the bar/strip club 

🤣🤣🤣🤣 it's just that I didn't saw a horror/scary focus in the game - at least not scary to me till the point I've played. Maybe that will change,but till now it is like seeing a horror movie being changed into a crazy romance - very crazy 🤣🤣 but I'm liking. 

Crazy sexual adventure...I'm glad that you feel this way.

Right now 90% of the BG are going to be replaced.  There are quite a few that I've modified in order to fill in the creepy atmosphere, but these are placeholders until I can hire on a BG artist.  Currently all the characters are also drawn by me too.  It's hard to be a solo creator   =3

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oooooh,that explains why the creepy BG that feels so out of place hahaha.

You're doing pretty well* for making a game all solo then 😱👏🏻👌🏻

Daaaaaaaaw, thank you kindly Mukjz   x3