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The bright, cute art, along with the subtle unsettling feeling that something isn't quite right from the beginning gave me Doki Doki flashbacks (except it's with smol kids and showing off crayon drawings) The B&W 'flashes' also absolutely terrified me, I think I need some time to recover haha. I enjoyed how most of the choices are influenced by the child vs grown-up perspective too, though the story took another turn at the end. Will the game still be continued after this since it feels like there's more?


Thank you so much for playing & commenting! I've always loved cute art being used to explore deeper themes, so Doki Doki is a super iconic game for me and definitely among my top inspirations to get back into VN development.

Right now it's still too early to say when it'll happen, but the sequel bait at the end does mean I'm actively planning more games in this 'series.' ^__^