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I really like your theory!! (I'm going to change James role in the remake). James is actually Chloe boyfriend, but she took advantage of him. Making him do things and if he didn't, and if he try to denied it she would tell he that he does not "love her". I say it like that because Chloe use love to take advantage. Similar to the sin of Lust (but instead of a lust that deals with sexual things more about using people love to befit from your own desires). The reason why James listen to her was because he didn't really have any strong relationships with his parents since they neglected him. Since their neglecting of him, he believed Chloe and was happy that someone cared about him. But when she start to do the "if you don't do this, that means you don't love me" he would just do what she ask. Since he never understood what love was. I'm sorry if this whole thing sounds very complicated, I will fix all the plot holes in the remake. But I'm was really happy to hear your theory ^w^!!

Oooh okay, I get it now! Thank you for explaining it!

I'm eager to see the changes in the remake!