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In my honest opinion, the game shouldn't have been stealing off of Granny, and it's an awful game. The game is also a .rar file which is super dumb. Also what the hell do you even mean by "too mature to say people don't know what a review is". How old are you, five? Jesus Christ, nobody can handle criticism apparently. Especially you. I see you spamming all over this game saying "this game is great stfu" and stuff, like dude, chill.

Ok that's enough.This fight will go nowhere.Just keep with decision then.

Fight....? Who on earth said it was a fight.

I know.It's called arguing and misunderstanding.I'm just used saying it as 'fight'.

Just a few last sentence though to break it thru..for me.I agreed with you saying it need to be fix and yea it's a granny ripoffs.I'm just pissed when you say the dev was lazy and when you say we just saying the game is 'cool' don't know what a 'review' is.That's all.

Well, the developer is lazy, because he just used the 40 dollar Unity Hospital asset and made an ugly model in FPSC.