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All that in 7Mb? How on Earth did you manage that?

I know right? When I zipped it up for the first time I was surprised. It's all through procedural generation. Other than a handful of graphics for the GUI (and eventually sound and music), it's all code.

I've been tinkering in the game all day. Enjoying it in this early stage and will be happy to see how it progresses. If I may make a suggestion? An option for 10x and 100x investments as it can turn into a real clickfest later in the game once you have a steady income of taxes coming in from all your colonies. Had to turn the volume down as the ding was irritating everyone.

Those galaxies, jeez, you're not wrong about being large. Don't think I've populated more than 1% of the systems yet. It's a very long term game if you aim to rule the galaxy (and who doesn't?)

Thanks, the 10X or 100X investments... is that for the sector development? I agree that needs to be reworked. And the button click sound does get annoying.

What size galaxy are you playing?

Yes, sector investments. After a day I had so many billions of credits I didn't know what to do besides just invest in my colonies, but a multiplier would have made it faster. 8 arm spiral - can't remember if large or huge.

Poking around, I could replace the sound file with something quieter for my own sanity

I'm looking forward to seeing it develop

Cool! Yeah, I'll actually add that in the next build (around Saturday)! And credits are going to used mainly in ships, as of right now it looks like a large, fully-outfitted ship is going to run 1-2 billion credits.

If I can ask, what are your specs and how does it run? I'm developing it on a Q9550 & GTX750, so I'd love performance reports.