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The key is hidden with the same color as background, so you have to select to see the text.


I'm preparing different giveways and contests, like a bunch of free keys to just press and claim, or some other to send via DM on twitter to random people, or via email,etc... some 1st come, 1st to serce and others give the entire day to participate or various days or one week,etc...

The bad thing, is that itchio actually allows claim the same key various times, also avoiding bots,etc... so testing different ways to give keys so every one at any timezone can have the same chances.

Sorry, and Thanks for the feedback!


Well, text selecting won't work grate for mobiles, but idea is interesting.

Hi! I also got the message from you but can't find the key on the page. I'm assuming that means it's been taken?


If I already got a key for Pixel FX Designer am I allowed to claim a key for another asset in the giveaway which isnt the one that I already have?


Yep, you can claim any key you still not have. Hope itchio fix the duplicate issueso after that i can send 10 keys or whatever without worry about that and without advise about ban, rules or whatever, just people claim the key and done.