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so i just played it because i wanted to i guess? and then i like "Oh  hey, lets see what is on" and then i just looked around the menus and found the one where it shows you any stuff that people you follow do, and then i was like "Oh what the hell !? he updated it 4 hours ago!?" then I downloaded it and played it and heres what i have to say:

1.Make spawnpoints (these circles that spawn enemies) more visible please, because sometimes it looks like the enemy materealized out of nothing, and maybe add some little effect.

2.Make ice cream knights less flashy. Seriously like they really stand out. Its okay for special enemies like rainbow slime and phantom ice cream (the one guy that shoots shapes) because they are rare and are more dangerous than the normal enemies, But the knights are everywhere so maybe you should make the sword one wear red armor and the shield one wear blue/aqua armor.

3.I think you should make the transitions a bit faster.

4.You might focus on adding more items, at least the ones that just increase your stats. Yes its boring but if everyone is special then no one is (or something like that).

So thats all i have to say. (I actually felt kinda bad when i criticezed this game because it took you like 1 or 2 years to make that!! THATS CRAZY!! I wouldnt make anything like that in my life. So you earned my respect ;) ).

As you can tell the game is far from being finished, I plan on adding more items (like you said, that just increase stats). You're right the knights are a bit too flashy, I'll update them soon. As for the spawn points, I'll look into making them more visible. Thank you  so much for the feedback :D