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holy cow is that odd. Lol

Do you have anything odd like controllers extra mice etc. Plugged in? You could have also olunfocused the window some how and still played without ever refocusing... I'll look into it!

Away from my PC now but I'll give your video a watch when I get home! thanks is for checking it out!

I have two mice, two keyboards, and a controller but none had any given inputs during the recording. But I did have to click out of the window multiple times to start the recording though!


I just watched the video! Thanks for the great review, it was a ton of fun watching you! Seriously you're really solid at what you do, I was engaged the entire time.

I just wish you weren't running to the right the whole time.. Maybe try unplugging everything except the mode of control your using? Could be a joystick or key is stuck on one of the other controllers / keyboards. Clicking in and out of the window might have done it too. I'm trying to replicate on my end but not having much luck in doing so.


Hey, just a heads up. We dug in more and found it to be a dead zone issue on some controllers. I just published a patch that should have it fixed. If you have time to give it a shot we would love to hear if it's working as expected for you.