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That must have been an insightful, humbling experience :) I say that because it is not very often that game designers and game developers think of :P If it is delivered by something extra as a vehicle of sorts for the music to ride shotgun on, THAT is what helps :D Game Design as a delivery mechanism is why I got into it :P

As for my involvement, I graduated from the Universe of South Wales, Newport back in 2011 with an honours degree in game design :) Unfortunately life has been a complete and utter fucker since then as well which has cause a hell of a lot of mental health issues (Heavily including anxiety) and thus it has been a looooong time since I have properly designed and developed a game or been involved with doing so :/

Now though, I am finally back onto game design and development :D I am currently designing and developing a game! A casual arcade game aimed at 7+ :P Looking through platforms to publish on free in the future when I am ready, I found, and upon browsing, Nymble! :P :P

Ah—sounds like quite the journey. Glad to hear you are getting back into game development. Hope to see a demo of your game some time! :)