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Sorry for the long delay getting back to you. I did go back and retry your game, and you are correct about the help screen and keys. While it's "obvious", I see what happened - in some games that I've played using the same type of key layout, there's also an accomodation for using `,` and `.` -- in other words, not needing to also use the SHIFT key. 

IIRC, I was trying to initially use "a" and "z" for up and down the stairs. "z" is what would crash it for me. It's fairly edge case, and most people will in fact find the help and actually follow it. :)

But nonetheless I do agree and urge you to keep working on it if you can. I think being able to level up your symbions would be a really neat idea. I don't know how far you want to get with it, but even as far as special attack / defense / talent bonuses based on your current mob and/or "environment"? 

Apart from all that, a huge congratulations for even getting this as far as you did in 7 days. That shouldn't be lost, nor understated during this judging phase. (Not that it matters, but this is the 2nd year in a row where I couldn't even get a release out myself, despite how excited I get for these 7 days...)