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Don't push yourself, rest til you feel better. I think there is just stuff going around because I've been sick close to a week myself with tiredness, hot to cold and a bad cough, too, so it's not just you. Relax or it'll keep you sick longer.
So rest, relax as much as you can, drink stuff that is soft/healing on your throat for the cough part, an try to get your health back up... because I learned the hard way what happens when you overdo it yesterday(my cough was almost gone and now it's back. blah).
Also, although he wasn't a serial killer, your dream reminds me of an otome called Sweet Fuse. xD You are stuck playing death games with 6 hot guys on your team to try to save an amusement park your uncle made, but the villain had corrupted/changed and took your uncle/others hostage. It also involves a lot of bombs. 


Thanks, Seraiden!
Yeah, the weather has been crazy these days; one time it was hot, then it was raining the next hour @@

lol, you're coughing too? It's very persistent, isn't? x'D it doesn't hurt or anything, just itchy as heck and sometimes, my belly hut from coughing too hard :')) the son of the gun.

I played Sweet Fuse too! sadly, it didn't hold a candle to my dream--there's a lot of blood and body parts included with no censor mind you, AND the dream brought me back to the beginning just as I was almost escaping the serial killer T_T I was like, why am I here again!? *looks back and sees the killer *crap!


in any case, thanks for being here, all of you!
I'm so happy for getting so much 'get well's >///<

*group hug!

In some ways I am glad Sweet Fuse is calmer than your dream. It's definitely tamer than any fo the Nonary Games stuff, too, at least. xD
Also yeah the cough sucks. It really is just mostly itchy, which definitely annoyed my 3 year old. He loves responses when he talks and talking makes it itchy so I'd not always respond to him. xD
I am REALLY glad you're feeling a lot better, though. Being sick sucks horribly.