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I bet no one expected for me to rear my head here, now did we?

This game really does show promise, but lacks a certain amount of "Polish".
I found that the game seems to break very easily.
The textures of the two characters seem to have parts clip off of on occasion.
The movement with both methods is a little bit clunky.
I barely tried, and I broke out of bounds.
Also just personal preference, but I think that the mouse buttons should be flipped.

Though, I didn't hate everything.
The artstyle is adorable with it's low poly 3D models, pixel art textures and paper like characters and environment pieces.
With what story there was, I really wanted a full game to play. While I was "Boundry breaking" I figured out that you had a few area tags that the player shouldn't have seen. Things like the mysterious building and the nest.

Taking into consideration how old this game is, I doubt that you are still working on this game, but a response would be extremely nice!

P.S. Sorry for tearing your game to shreds. I can't help it.