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Yes, I shamefully neglected to fix that during play testing. I fixed it after I uploaded. So I must apologize.

The skills your protagonists can use are entirely intentional. They were meant to have more skills, but due to the limited time (and me managing it poorly) I was not confident enough in adding them in without them breaking the combat even further. Also, the game had a bit more dialogue after Tabitha said "Land, ho!", again another mistake I happened to fix after I uploaded it.

I do plan on uploading a patched version soon. Again, I apologize if this came off as more of a disappointment than anything.

It didn't come off as a disappointment. It's just harder to comment on something that's so clearly incomplete, since there's less indication of what was intended. I stuck to mentioning what's wrong because there's always that chance that the creator didn't already know about all the bugs yet.

Understandable. I will make more of it to show what was actually intended here. Though, that won't be till after the Jam is over. If you are still at all interested.