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Love the art style and I look forward to future updates! Just, may I get a hint if there is something specific I should do when I'm doing Prof. Lucifer's route? There were a Iot of available choices so I tried many different options and different combinations of them. But it seems that right now they are not yet completed?


Yes, there is a lot of incomplete stuff :( I'm hoping I'll be able to work on more soon! (doing this solo and working full-time means I can't go as quickly as I'd like *sigh*).  Lucifer wants to make sure you wear your gi, and don't make a big deal out of his... situation. If you got the choices correct you should get a shy shower scene :)


Oh yeah I managed to get the shower scene. Maybe the sausage the MC had for lunch helped... ? XD 

Anyhoo I'm looking forward to more stuff being added, especially the frisky ones ;)

me too! lol