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Just bang on.

I'm into my survival/base building games, DayZ mod, Project Zomboid, Subnautica, The Long Dark, The Forest etc. 

Valheim sits right alongside the best of them - I don't quite believe it myself either - but it does.


Somehow it strips away the clutter and leaves the most enjoyable elements. It's got immersive playability.

Two things that got me going in particular:

This is the  first game I've played that makes gathering wood fun.  You actually want a bigger inventory so you carry on chopping. The trees and logs have physics.  ...They'll roll off down hills if you cut them across the slope, they'll knock other trees down, they'll crush you or you can use them to crush mobs  - the system they've created is second to none (from those games I've played). The devs deserve a medal for that idea.

Secondly, Valheim captures that very atmospheric, old school adventuring vibe (Zelda)... That not-quite-sure-what's-possible thing that I remember enjoying in games 20 years ago. The 'secrets' - the 'mystery'. Valheim brings it back. The graphics leave something for the imagination to work on (instead of spelling everything out) and the simplicity of the repeating elements make changes jump off the screen. The progression up the tech tree and new elements coming as you progress feel like a real reward, you get a real buzz out of that new enemy appearing suddenly... Just like back in the day. That's something I haven't found in gaming for years... And it's no small feat.  

Yes, Valheim is an inspired bit of game design.  Have a look for yourself. 

Thanks and good luck with it.


wow thanks!!!

I hope you will love the additions I have made since the itch version once the steam beta gets released :)