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Not a lot, a few projects started on RPG Maker for the most part, and some basic Java stuff. If your point is that such a project is way too ambitious for someone with so little experience, I do know that one should start with elementary game concepts ; yet, I'm fairly confident for multiple reasons, even if it will take some time to achieve the result I'm hoping for. I may as well crush and realize I would need years and years to finish the project, but I genuinely don't think so.
If this wasn't your point... please elaborate :D

honestly, it doesn't even matter if its too ambitious. Everyone tries to warns newbies because they go through this process and they just want you to avoid their mistakes. But honestly, a dozen over ambitious failed projects is the practice it takes to make gam.

Alright. Well thank you for the info, they will certainly be very useful :)

Speak for yourself. The way I see it, tackling too many over-ambitious projects and never finishing them is the perfect way to slowly get more and more discouraged from making games until you stop entirely.

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Don't get me wrong, finishing is a valuable skill in itself, but personally if a bunch of half finished projects is enough to deter me from working in a medium altogeher, then maybe I don't even like the process of making games. and idk what's the point in that case?

You might not be a mega indie hit in 5 years, or ever. But I think just liking to make games is more important than the time it takes to eventually make something you're happy with.

Happy holidays y'all. :D

There's a big difference between making a game that is within your capabilities to make and making a game that's huge and overwhelming. I definitely feel like the latter is less fun than the former. The reason I say it's important to finish games is because I'm drawing from my own experience. When I first started making games, I was definitely having fun, but I started having trouble finishing them (not because of scope in this case, but I think it's still relevant), and I got increasingly discouraged that I wasn't finishing anything until I gave up. I have a problem with getting discouraged when I don't do a good job on something, though, so maybe that's just me.

Yup, that's pretty much what I was getting at. :P