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This is a very unique, rage inducing platform game and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! This is a very well made game for a first time developer, the art is great and the music enjoyable as well - I can't wait for more!

Here is my playlist:

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Hey Shireen, thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed Miko's Adventures, enjoyed your videos a lot, keep on following because I started working on the sequel "Miko Mind Dreamer" which is going to be even better, bigger and hopefully easier :D and of course a lot more fun :)

I actually released my first devlog about it here: Miko Mind Dreamer first devlog

I hope you're having a great day and thanks again for your amazing support :)


Thank you so much,  it's one of the few games that I'm happy it made me get so frustrated; I'm hoping to finish level 7 but I don't know if I'll be able to 😂

I can't wait for the sequel, I think the difficulty was fine, no need to make it easier! 👍