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Oh dude I really liked the concept/idea of this game! How is this your first game? ;) Like someone else's comment said, I'm also getting stanley parable vibes, and I'm loving it. It sucks that I got stuck in a dead-end loop, but that's part of life sometimes, hehe. What would have been an extremely awesome addition to the game would be narration! Maybe something for the future. The game also (like you said) lagged quite a bit, even though I've got a pretty powerful PC. No biggy, for a jam game though. Another piece of feedback: I would try to make the walking a bit smoother. At the moment you have to hold forward for a bit before it really starts moving, I've noticed. Anyway, good job, I liked it!

Thanks!  You might want to double-check those dead ends again... ;)  For smoother screen updates, you can try running one of the .bat files to play windowed at 1280x720 or 800x450.  It's very CPU-heavy, and I didn't have a lot of time to optimize it, so the lower resolution can help a lot.  Narration would be really cool; if I'd had more time, that would've been a neat addition. :)

Ah, damn. I knew there was more to those dead ends... But I walked from side to side, and it seemed that every side had mirrors on it... (with the emphasis on seemed) Yeah, a lower resolution would have definitely helped!