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It was a nicely explored concept and I liked the game. Unfortunately, I really couldn't beat the yellow level. The double jumps wouldn't work some of the time, so it was really frustrating to get halfway and die from that >.<

Something I'll mention because it didn't feel like you were doing that: You can make a platformer feel like it has much tighter controls by just keeping track of when the player presses the jump button. So basically, you can have a timer for 0.1 seconds-ish and if the player is landing, or if the player had just barely fallen off a ledge, they'll still jump. It's not realistic, but can help with having a better feel.

Anyways, great job with the design and the implementation of the concept in general. I really liked it ^^

Thanks for your opinion! It's true that I double jumps sometimes feel little responsive, but couldn't solve it because of  the time. The trick you mentioned is very interesting and I found that is used in many games. I'll take note of it for my next platformer games^^