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You’re absolutely right about how high STR makes things much more durable than high Grit. Not only do you have the entire die’s worth of “damage” to get through, you have a higher chance of any given attack not getting through at all.

Now, some caveats to that:

  1. It encourages people to gang up for simultaneous attacks so they can add the damage together. This goes both ways though, so a single PC trying to fight a big group can get dangerous fast.

  2. NPCs have to make Morale Saves to avoid fleeing every time they take Critical Damage. So they won’t necessarily stick around for the PCs to get through all their STR.

  3. Stepping down STR means an actual wound, and something that takes time to heal. Whereas Grit heals almost instantly. This isn’t necessarily something that will come up in an average session, but when combined with Morale Saves or if they’re recurring characters it can start to matter.

For myself, I usually use d4 for mooks, and d6 for almost everyone else. And then step up above that only for enemies that are supposed to be very difficult to simply attack down.

Which is all to say: I need to expand the guidance in the book to cover all this. Part of this is that I haven’t sat with the newest version of combat rules long enough to have 100% internalized them. Another thing on the “to do” list, haha.

Any thoughts you have about any of this as you continue, especially with your plan to use only armor and STR as your “toughness” dials. I’ll be really interested to see how that pans out.