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Overall a really solid game.

Sound and visuals are really good. Nice art style, but there are a few things that needs some improvement.

  • First of all, I hate this weird randomizer for the movement. I makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • Collecting stuff with E is a little weird when at the same time running to the right. Especially with this movement (gravity) randomizer.
  • The introduction tells me to collect 3 of each, but ingame it is different in the pause/settings menu. Additionaly, the level is over when i have a random amount of things collected. Example, last level: introduction 3 ogres, 3 piranhas. Ingame 5 and 8 and i finished the level when i had 8 and 7.
  • I had no idea what to look for in the second level. Did not expect the scientist to be some sort of robot. Maybe make clear what to look for.

But I would really see where you go with this game. So maybe respond to this message when you have continued to work on it.

Btw, I would really appreciate it, if you rate my game too ;)


Hey Thanks for your reply.

  • Random Movement is because we want to simulate unstable gravity in this planets. We have written in dialogue. But this is also one heated discussion in our team. I feel little uncomfortable during game while another think this is one special idea to design. I guess we can decrease the random distance when we update the game. Or delete later. Sorry for the experience confusion.
  • Pick items using E also one uncomfortable as well. I played many times and ignore player experience.
  • Adding some additional items just want to let player have another choice to enjoy game. But also adding some confusion to the game. We will fix this.
  • In terms of the missing teammate, at beginning when I draw the "Robot", I named him one machine. But we did not have enough time to draw another people to recuse so that my teammate looks the machine like the robot scientist and use it. We will update this confusion.

And we can promise you that this game will update after rates and we will make the game complete. Your comments are really honest and encourage us lots. Most problems are really appeared for us and some problems we aware but we ignore it during this four days. but we will update and willing to offer one better game in the next time.

Very appreciate your treasure comments and have a great weekend! (I am going to enjoy and rate your game as well)


I would write a comment, but I would say exactly what Fire Totem Games says here. Keep working on this game!


Thanks bro. We have decided to continue to make the game completed. At least make the game plot complete and makes player happy & comfortable during gameplay.