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Whoops, the missing d6-d8 cost is absolutely not intentional. You guessed right, and I must have just dropped that bit of text somewhere along the way, I’ll get that fixed on the website and in the PDF for the next update.

That’s a really good point about the starting attribute bump being a bit of a trap. I added that in the most recent version to give people more flexibility at character creation, but there’s absolutely an “optimal” choice, which is something I really want to avoid. I’ll have to think about ways to address that.

Really appreciate this feedback, and I hope your game is fun!

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Thinking about how my inner munchkin feels about it, I think  bumping player xp cost for d4->d6 from 1 to 2 xp would just make it seem not worth to bump your d6, essentially pushing off the issue...

Maybe bumping cheaper stats could give you a 1 xp discount for the next several stat bumps, totalling up to however much you "missed out on" by not initially bumping your d8? Perhaps as an optional rule if the players feel disgruntled 


I haven’t pushed the update yet, but this is what I’m currently planning as an adjustment to fix the “optimization” issue, lemme know what you think.

For attributes you just assign d4, d6, and d8.

Then at “finishing touchings” you write a Eulogy Entry that describes a previous exploit of your character. Either gain 1 XP, or roll d10s on any equipment table to see what you gained from that adventure.

If you gain XP here, you can choose to immediately spend it to gain +1 Grit, or to step your d4 Attribute up to a d6.

:o ohhh I like that... Get the creative juices flowing immediately