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Very excellent. Very easily a hot contender for best BTP jam game in terms of gameplay. Simple gameplay loop, just a really solid game jam game. Gravity is very well done. I think you could polish this up, refine the controls, do a bit of balancing, and this would make a very nice mobile game.

My critiques, knowing the limitations of a game jam:

  • Menu UI/UX needs work. Tutorial especially
  • Controls are a bit dodgy
  • No reward to the player for playing longer in the game. The introduction of new hazards/mechanics like special blocks to make the game harder and more complex could do very well. If you really wanted to expand on this, I'd say take some cues from Spelunky.
  • Very easy, and while the core gameplay loop is very fun, it gets pretty repetitive with again no reward to the player for playing

Overall, very nice work. This is one of the best BTP games I've seen thus far by miles.


Thanks for the comment! I'm currently working on a few minor changes such as fixing the camera movement, changing the controls, and completely redesigning the tutorial. These minor changes will definitely be put into the game before the end of the jam. There are also some larger changes I'm planning, like new blocks, but I'm not sure if they'll be finished before the end of the jam.

Fantastic! I'm really glad to hear that. Honestly surprised by your quick reply and turnaround time. I'm going to make a new post with some updated thoughts. Great work!