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Jobs - another download key, for the 2018 Triumphant Artists Coomplete Collection. - another download key for the Autumn Bonus collection.

I've seen that most of the keys in the first post are claimed - and downloaded - but the ones after that generally aren't yet. Of course, so far, neither are the ones in this post. 

I do ask that you not pirate the downloaded material as this will severely compromise its viability on this site (and) if I cannot make at least a few dozen sales of this sort of stuff by end of year 2019 it will most likely mean no new stock media from me in 2020 - . This content launching on Itch.IO in Q1 2019 is probably my last shot at doing this kind of work and so far, despite a few buyers, it's not looking like it'll work out this time either. And that's sad if true because I was really hoping to release a lot more over the next decade if it turned out to be at all successful.

And, again, if any of you are finding this material useful, I strongly encourage you to leave a rating / review on the related page. More ratings means more long term sales potential and as a result accelerated development of more stock-media content and faster completion of my struggling indie game prooductions like 'Miniature Multiverse' as well. For TACC 2018,  the place to post a rating would be 

And for the bonus autumn collection,

And the 3d nature pack: