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I've been a bit bereft of horror games lately so I'm glad to get the chance to dive into one as imaginative and genuinely horrifying as this one!

Having multiple endings immediately adds that extra pinch of variety that makes a game replayable, and I went through this one several times to make sure I squeezed out every ending I could (I honestly don't know where I got the idea that there was 4 endings, but I got 3 and think that might be all, but I'd be happy to be proved wrong!) whilst being creeped out the entire time.

Throwing in a gun for protection but with limited ammunition was a touch of genius too, really makes us as the player more conservative about blasting away at anything that moves (or anything that we think moved). The little titbits of story that were dotted around the place make for some interesting theories, and I quite like that the overall background isn't explicitly spelled out, leaving things to the player's imagination is a bold but appreciated move.

Overall a creepy and fun experience, and one that I would definitely recommend to horror games fans! Yes it may seem a tad short but what is here is very well put together indeed. Keep up the awesome work =)