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I'd love for devs to make COMPLETE games instead of this chapter nonsense.  Please feel free to post when the full series is ready to go, thanks!

Yes I would pay money for the full series when it is ready if you want to bundle it.  Just bundle it all together; this separated episodic stuff is too bothersome for me to play.

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Yeh ,Life Is Strange 2 is like that , it's like a 2 year gap between playing it on release day and actually finishing the game ,just insane.

But even then it will probably get a load of update patches in the months following  :)

I tend to ignore games like that .


I remember one called Blues and Bullets ,never got past the first one or two episodes ,studio imploded and left behind a half finished game.

Wouldn't have happened at the rate it does now  if not for this "digital age"  we're living in.

Though i would say ,Itch is sort of  THE place for something like this ,a chance for a dev to get feedback by dropping a free download for gamers to try.