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Hey tarasov3d how can I apply the textures?

Hello! And in what program? Blender, unity3d or something else?

I am using three.js but if i know how to do it in blender that would be great, you gave the palette.png but what do i do with it

Hello. Didn't work with three.js, but I can tell you how to do it in Blender3D

Extract all the files from the archive and in the blender click File-import-fbx

all textures are loaded automatically

Hi, I can't seem to get the textures working this is the result i have when importing the models, am i missing something?

Check if "Pallete" file is selected here

Ah that fixed it, I had to reselect the file. Thanks for the quick help!!

Happy to help)

Just uploaded the updated version. You can download again and characters and weapons will be available to you

All right thank you so much!