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The new updated files program Apple And Linux ("Files name: x86 and x86_64") the Files has change us the new you can see you own this game and download all MB Apple 51 MB And Baldi Basics Beta 1.4.2 Linux More than Files MB has more files the my files is that full game Full Game that the 139 MB the little cause windows files is that storage space is that full The Program Full Storage Space name: Windows (C:) that full enough can been removed and install again you must download this game for you're owned this game download and install from the gamebanana and set the TF2 Files to get files that one own your skin mod and install from the mod game! Hmm.m... That is i'm a Moderator Admin are you sure that is do not change this control button and input settings now ok!? Oops sorry an that full storage space fan game to make this game install a mod select files: name Folder ("Angry Playtime script") that are user by: Akarawin Khunthahut To the Thailand but actually is that user name by: peempao2 to creator from the game and folder today are  you must readme anything  to thank you!

don't trashed my post in the game and don't trash my game