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New added update in file an the name "shareasset7.assets and shareasset7.resource" TODAY IS NEW CATEGORY FILES
show me without the publish new game Baldi Basic In Education And Learning 1.4.2

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New Update: Version 1.4.2
New update from the game add files to update this game the files game is category the
mystman12 and peempao2 creator game baldi basic beta on the files do not change script this,
you maybe tip recent to recently it that file local playlist files you're change files do not change
shareasset7.assets and shareasset7.resource don't show and don't change this! you must
readme on script "Notepad"

the server update on new game this update and game to used some files edit by: peempao2 Joined on my game 2017-2019!

NOTE: Don't change my files Angry Playtime script to do not change files the local files
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