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No worries! Glad I could help in my little way!

The smaller, other things that I've noticed is that the game doesn't load anything between the castle anymore for me. It's just a black space. This could be based on the laptop I'm playing it on, but it's nothing that will break the game.

I did just finish chapter one, and I loved it! I'm going to replay it to see if I can accomplish the commander's task in the first week or not. But I did notice that, when you are doing rounds, the game lets you exit the area with the dark elf. Honestly, it would be better if it didn't let you do it because it didn't make sense that I was able to leave and then just be told to see all the guards (which I had done).

The end credits have the patrons at the bronze level cut off as well.

Last, I would love to know the quickest way where I can get the rest of the game!


Hey Raxynus! Thanks for the additional reports. Very helpful!

Quickest way you can get rest of Faulty Apprentice is by helping us finish it faster! Commenting like you have done, giving positive rating and talking about the game to other people. The more awareness we can bring to Faulty Apprentice, the more funding we can generate to hire more team members. Since we are currently small team of three, getting more hands onboard will make the most impact!

Cheers and thanks for playing Raxynus! If you use discord feel free to join the AGL server too (=

I’m definitely joining now!

And I’ll make an effort to post more bugs if I find anyway and spread the word!