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This game has given new meaning to animal cruelty for me. The game was fun but, there were a few glitches that need to be solved. Sometimes the enemies would get stuck, clicking the mouse button after you move to shoot fire doesn't shoot it straight away, there i a bit of a delay before it works. I had to keep using the F button to fire straight away instead. Overall it was a decent game, I think if you fix those small little things then it should be good!

And that's the point, raccoon cruelty and lot's and lot's of rage lol

Thank you so much for the feedback, this helps a lot, about the click and fire, I believe it's working and fixed in update 1.2.1, in the game you can walk and shoot while holding something all at the same time, also the monsters getting  stuck and the text behind the chocolate tree you encountered is fixed in update 1.2.1 with a lot more fixes :)

but anyway it's really nice to hear your feedback, and I hope to make the next game a lot better with much more precise controls, and much more adventures ...

Have a nice day :)